Track Mounted Sawing

Track Mounted Wire Sawing

As a rule, this system of cutting through structures is generally used on walls. It is however sometimes used on floor slabs in areas that aren’t accessible to the floor saw machines, or it could be that the slab is a depth over and above the 500mm mark.

Because this system of cutting is remote from the direct and immediate cut line, the operative will have a good all round 360° vision of his working environment, thus cutting down the risks of accidents occurring, the other main advantage is that it can be completely dismantled and erected at the point of works making it very user friendly. When cutting through the thicker slabs, say 800mm thick we operate a system of multi-sawing which works by having one saw fitted with a 900mm diameter blade at the front, followed by the next saw being fitted with a 1200mm blade, the following with a 1500mm blade with the last saw cutting with a 1800mm blade.