Robotic Demolition Machinery

robotic demolition

The BROKK Revolution

In an ever-increasing world of higher standards Elmcrest Diamond Drilling Ltd is at the forefront setting standards others can only aspire to. With our high levels of technology and equipment, Elmcrest remains a market leader especially where the demolition of concrete is

Brokk makes the workplace safer and our team of Brokk Machines includes:

  • Brokk 330
  • Brokk 180
  • Brokk 90
  • Brokk 40

We take HAVS extremely seriously, and as these machines are totally independent of the operator they therefore offer not only zero HAVS but good all round 360 degree vision. The operators control the machine with the aid of a remote control box, which means that the operator can work at a safe distance from the point of works and falling debris or by an umbilical cable that is at least 10 metres long. Whichever is used the operators safety is more secure than conventional demolition plant machines.

The biggest advantage with these machines are their capabilities of going in to hostile working environments such as kilns or radioactive areas offering complete safe working systems for the operative. In extreme cases remote cameras have been fitted to the BROKK and the work done by means of a monitoring screen.