Diamond Drilling

diamond drilling

Diamond drilling has become an everyday occurrence of the building & demolition industries. Its main use in construction is work done for builder’s works requirements which could be something as simple as small diameter holes through walls and slab for waste pipes right up to forming large openings for duct work or similar.

In demolition diamond stitch drilling is often used to sever basement slabs that are too deep to saw cut but still need a break line up to party walls. Quite often whilst the demolition of a building is taking place on the upper floors, the piling companies wish to get a head start of their works, therefore singular cores or stitch drilling at the pile location is done in the basement slab prior to the crawler rigs arriving on site. Due to the diamond drilling techniques this can be done months in advance and so save vital time on programmes and over run costs. With today’s emphasis on safety, diamond drilling is a proven way of sculpting concrete for just plain holes or featured works.